A Beatdown in Birmingham: Stallions Steamroll Breakers,  47-22, to Advance to Second Straight Title Game

Birmingham and New Orleans entered the South Division Championship, each with their eyes on a title. After splitting their series 1-1 in the regular season, it seemed either squad could advance to the title game to take on the Pittsburgh Maulers of the North. Yet, despite the regular season split, the game was as one-sided as it gets. An Early Bethel-Thompson pick allowed Birmingham to take an early 3-0 lead. However, New Orleans would answer right back, putting up a touchdown as Bethel-Thompson hit Jay Adams for a score, taking a 7-3 lead. Despite taking a quick lead, this would be the first time for a long time New Orleans would score, as Birmingham began to hand out a beatdown for the history books. First, McGough would hit Sternberger for a short score, although the extra point was missed, giving the Stallions a 9-7 lead. Another Stallions field goal would extend it to 12-7. McGough would then hit Davion Davis for another score, as Davis broke tackle after tackle to extend the Birmingham lead, 19-7. Ending the half was again Birmingham, punching in yet another score, and the second for Davis, as the Stallions took a commanding 26-7 lead into the half. 

The game was already decided, yet McGough and the Stallions decided to bury the hatchet. On the first drive of the second half, CJ Marable would punch in yet another touchdown, rushing into the endzone to give the Stallions a 33-7 lead. Bethel-Thompson would attempt to make the game more respectable, although it would end in an interception, which would eventually become a McGough rushing touchdown later in the drive, giving the Stallions a 40-7 lead, effectively sending Birmingham into the playoffs. With the Stallions effectively in the title game, players would relax and starters come out, leading to New Orleans putting in work to make the final score look more respectable for them. Habibi-Likio would end the Stallions streak of 37 unanswered points, punching in a run for 6, but fail the 3-point attempt, narrowing the lead to 40-13. Yet another Stallions score would rub salt in the would, taking Birmingham up 47-13. bethel-Thompson would still put in work to make the Breakers efforts look better on paper, hitting Sage Surratt for a score, and converting the three-point attempt, bringing the score to 47-22. Bethel-Thompson would then hit Morris on the alternate kickoff, a 4th-and-12 attempt, giving New Orleans the ball back. New Orleans would take it deep into the redzone, but come up short, failing to score with goal to go, turning it over on downs with 1:38 left in the game. McGough and the Stallions steamroll their way to their second straight title game as McGough solidifies his MVP odds, while the Breakers end a promising season in embarassing fashion, with question marks around as Bethel-Thompson questions retirement.